Your autumn wardrobe

Ta garde-robe automnale

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Your Autumn wardrobe

Summer is officially over, fall is slowly coming and this year's trends are amazing! You will find our must-haves in your wardrobe, our favorite items as well as easy to recreate fall looks.


  • A black turtleneck. It's perfect for layering to serve as a base for a look.

  • A knit, or several! It's easy to mix and match and is the key item for a soft look.

  • A jacket simply because it's a statement piece and the possibilities are endless, while still looking chic.

  • For the more daring, opt for a sleeveless jacket.
  • A scarf. You know, one that's chunky enough to hide from the cold a bit while drinking your morning coffee? Yes, that one.

  • A pair of boots, high or low. It will elevate a look in no time!
  • A jacket whether it's a trench coat, a jean jacket or a leather coat, you need a coat for fall!





source: pinterest


Our favorites this fall are numerous and all refined! From Vancouver to Paris to Denmark, our fall selection is gorgeous!

Our tank tops! I fell in love with the Jordyn from Gentle Fawn for its classic cut and its shortened waist.
The Tain cardigan is really one of a kind. Roxane loves it! It has all the colors of the season and its meticulous finishing gives it a "handmade" look. It's as if it was knitted just for you!
Sanctuary's Knitted skimmer pants. The comfort of a lounge pant that can easily be worn to work with a boot. A thick fabric that will keep you warm!
Canadian Tucker knit! In fact, it's a favorite every season! You love it as much as we do for its softness, its cut and its price! A must-have for you, or for the next person in your life!
The Stassy midi dress, incredibly soft! It ticks all the boxes; it is long sleeved, feminine, has a perfect neckline and is affordable!



    skimmer tucker

    To wrap things up, we've got a lot of new items coming up and a lot of great look ideas for you! Clean out your wardrobe, get our must-haves to have the basics in your closet and spoil yourself with 2-3 favorites to enhance your everyday look!

    See you soon xo


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