Our six years

Nos 6 ans

This image was taken the day before our grand opening on February 13, 2016!!!

Opening strategically to take advantage of the busy Valentine's Day weekend as a launch... but I quickly realized that it's really not as strategic to celebrate in subsequent years 😉 So as of 2017, we've adopted March 24 as our anniversary date, because it's just really easier to celebrate on our end!

La Raffinerie was born from an idea that came from my head during my Marketing classes, and then carried in my heart throughout my professional journey. After a few tests of all kinds, research, pop-up shop (allo my friends from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu) learning and success, personal life choices (in the plural because I went through all that with my lover) the store will be positioned in Mont-Tremblant at the foot of the ski slopes for the effervescence and the traffic of the mountain. 6 years later... it's crazy to look back at all this road traveled, which looks more like a bumpy country road than a F1 race track!

But the road is beautiful. It is beautiful because of all the beautiful people on it. I'm talking about us because I have some great employees and even some old ones who are there and support me since the beginning and still to this day. They are truly an extension of my family. I only want the best for them and there is nothing better than to be a part of their evolution. Their loyalty means a lot to me because they represent the essence of the Boutique on a daily basis and are a direct link to you, the refined ladies. A large part of the company's success is dedicated to them. I love you all!

The surrounding landscape is just as beautiful; a community of other entrepreneurs who become friends over the years. Beautiful collaborations with key partners, and above all, a loyal clientele who share the same values, the same passion for fashion and who appreciate aesthetics and quality. You are always there for our thousands of projects, promotions, ideas and parties of all kinds; thank you a thousand times for your support.

Six years later, I'm still working hard, every day, but I know it's all good. I am lucky enough to make a living from my passion, creatively every day. When I see that you appreciate what we do, what I select for you, that your experience in the store and what you have found is a little pleasure in your busy schedule, it is my best pay.

Thank you xoxo

- Roxane


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